What is Happiness? Its Definition at best

One of the most commonly used words is “happiness.” We all agree that the children appear to be in good spirits. Today is a very happy day for me. You don’t appear to be happy. Is there a reason? How can we make the world a happier place? How can I avoid sad feelings and instead feel happy? Which pill can we take? The debate over happiness is never-ending. Is there a scientific definition of happiness? There are general answers that say happiness is a state in which one feels good, elated, contented, good, and so on. Is happiness a gift that lasts a lifetime or a fleeting emotion?

If I win the lottery, I will be overjoyed. As I spend all of the money, I become dissatisfied once more. When you call me a nice person, I’m happy; when you curse me, I’m very sad. When I see the dead body of an old friend, I am sad, but when I see children laughing, I am happy. We have no power. Our emotions are influenced by external forces and events. We’re all just toys. That lacks free will. It’s difficult to believe, but it’s true. Have happiness with our Raipur call girls.

Let us investigate what is not happiness. Low self-esteem, sadness, guilt, helplessness, frustration, lack of interest, uncertainty, and other negative emotions are not happy emotions. They tend to make us unhappy. Now, what exactly is happiness? Feeling good, a cheerful outlook, positive thoughts, winning attitudes, contented living, enjoyment, and all other emotions that make us feel good are examples of happy feelings.

Is happiness the same for everyone? If I give a certain amount to a few people, some will be very happy, some will be angry, and some will not care. Am I making my point? As a result, we do not experience happiness in equal measure.

Some of us are happy when we receive a large sum of money, others when we can do a lot of creative work, still others when we can make others happy, and so on. Each of us has our own set of values and desires. We ourselves are frequently unaware of them. As a result, knowing how to keep others happy becomes difficult, and this ignorance causes the majority of interpersonal problems. However, these differences in our emotional reactions distinguish us as humans; otherwise, we are no different than animals.

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